#1: Starting Anew

Hello there Reader,

This blog, ‘The Male Body Image Experiment’, will document and reflect on the methods I employ in order to ‘hopefully’ achieve a stronger body image. It is fitting to call this an experiment as I, the subject, will establish for myself the methods which work for me – this will largely be found through trial and error. I will attempt to implement methods which I believe will fit with my lifestyle and beliefs, analyse the results, and establish conclusions for their relative successes and shortcomings. What gets posted here will be based on my own experiences and won’t necessarily correlate with anyone else.

What gets measured gets fixed!

I guess it is customary to begin these kinds of blogs with some starting stats and information. I am:

  • a male in my twenties
  • 5’8 tall, roughly
  • approximately 161 lbs – the heaviest I have been in my adult life.
  • scared of living the rest of my twenties in a body that I am ashamed of.

I plan to add content to this blog on at least a weekly basis, forming part of my commitment to this experiment. With a bit of time, I imagine I will expand the site to include more information on a variety of topics.

4 years ago I began to restrict my food intake and was actively self harming, reflective of my state of mind at a time where my world was falling apart. I kept a diary and believe that my weight loss ‘success’ (if you can call it that), stemmed from meticulous planning, realistic and timely goal setting, being accountable to a community, and several measures of determining progress. I had an Instagram account at that time which served both as  a community and a timeline of my progress through photographs – but once I deleted my Instagram, I lost 2 key factors and could no longer stick to a plan. I have different goals now, but the method of how I shall achieve them will still depend on how well I can apply the 4 aforementioned factors.

I have some time on Wednesday to add more content to this site, but for now I bid you adieu. Til next time…