#15: 1st Week of Diet Plans

Hello everyone,

I feel that it’s been forever since my last post. It’s been 5 days but it feels so much longer than that, but it’s because I’ve not been free enough to add content since then. The problem is that I think I lose some motivation because I am not on my site every day, reading other blog posts, browsing forums, etc. This site is my accountability after all, and it serves the purpose of encouraging me to stay on track with my goals; the less frequently I can access it, the less accountable I am therefore I am less motivated.

I have been making smarter choices with food, but still my decisions are not optimal yet. The protein shakes are going good – they boost my 7 day average up to nearly 100 grams of protein. Despite this, I am still about -40 grams off from my own protein target and I am still in excess of carbs (+31 grams over a 7 day average). Surprisingly I am 9 grams under for fats, so that is not bad. The plans go well throughout the week, but things start to slide at the weekends where I am weaker and everybody has food.

I do need to hurry up and start buying in and preparing my own stuff, otherwise I will always miss my targets. I also need to buy in more protein powder…

Anyways, just a small update – nothing major. Till next time…



#14: Wednesday Weigh-In

Hello everyone,

As promised, today I present to you this week’s weigh-in. As of this morning, the scales read a value of 151 lbs! This is a loss of 3 lbs since last week’s weigh-in. I can give myself a good pat on the back to celebrate, as I have lost a grand total of 10 lbs since the start of this blog which was created just over 3 weeks ago.

This is all well and good, but the weight does come off quite quickly at the start of any weight-loss routine. The tricky part will be to maintain a steady weight-loss over a period of months, and to obviously persevere and stick to my goals over the long term.

Today is also the 2nd day of me ‘trying to manage’ a greater protein intake. The results from today’s food are:

  • 134 grams of carbs (41% of cals)
  • 42 grams of fat (29% of cals)
  • 94 grams of protein (30% of cals)
  • Intake of 1284 calories

So all in all I had more carbs, less fat and less protein than yesterday, and it looks like I didn’t do a good job of keeping my carbs low. I am realising now that it is pretty tough to limit my carbs without preparing my own meals. A lot of ‘lunchtime meal deals’ that you can buy seem to have around at least 55 to 65 grams of carbs. So this should encourage me to plan, cook or otherwise prepare my meals better so that I can get closer to my own macro-nutritional targets.

My weight-loss progress page will be updated accordingly. Otherwise, I probably won’t be able to post until Monday evening as I am sure I am fully booked this weekend.

Anyways, till next time…


#13: First Day of New Diet Plan

Hello everyone,

Just a short blog post for tonight to give you guys an idea of how I tried to integrate yesterday’s diet plan into my meals today.

Tracking everything via the MyFitnessPal app, I had:

  • 89 grams of carbohydrates
  • 47 grams of fat
  • 108 grams of protein
  • A net intake of 1218 calories

Whilst I am proud of this, I did find it tricky to balance the carbohydrates effectively as the foods I would usually have at lunch are really high in carbs! I skipped breakfast as per my usual intermittent fasting routine. For lunch I had opted for a small bag of dry roasted nuts, 5 chicken breast slices and a protein shake instead of my usual lunch meal. Dinner is where things would get out of hand a bit since my family cooks the dinner, and generally cooks processed stuff (72.3 grams of carbs were purely from dinner, 19.1 grams of protein and 14.1 grams of fat). I then had a second protein shake later in the evening.

The food goals I had in mind after yesterday’s blog would have looked about 84 grams carbs, 50 grams fat and 140 grams protein. So in retrospect, I wasn’t too far away from this target. Bear in mind I had fewer calories than planned, but I had only slightly overdone it on the carbs by a mere 5 grams. Meeting that protein target is going to be a real struggle, most likely due to me not eating enough calories. However I think that 108 grams (36% of my calories) was still good for me on my first day of this, and I’m not going to increase my calorie intake by a whole lot.

Tomorrow is Wednesday weigh-in, fingers crossed that the scales drop lower!

Anyways, till next time…


#12: Diet Plans

Hello everyone,

Today a thought had occurred to me – what foods are ‘healthy’ and what foods will actually help me get closer to my lean body goals? I think there is a difference between those two points, and I want to expand my knowledge on these so that I can plan what I eat more effectively. Sure I could eat nothing but a single bar of chocolate a day and still lose weight, but it is neither healthy nor is it likely to help me move towards my goals realistically. But does a diet consisting purely of vegetables necessarily going to help me appear lean?

The question that I’m raising here is what balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats (the 3 macro-nutrients) do I need? I think that simply managing my calorie intake is not enough, and that I need to delve deeper into where my calories are actually coming from.

The way I see it, and from a little looking around online, I should be looking at reducing carbs and increasing protein and healthy fats in what I eat. The protein is essential for obtaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, and some vitamins are fat soluble meaning they need fat to be absorbed into the body. I can manage my carbs better by switching my current carbs for better alternatives, like swapping out chocolate and crisps for fruit and veg.

Some ratios that seem to correlate with what I am looking for would be 10-30% carbs, 30-40% fat and 40-50% protein. If I were to look for around 140 grams of protein a day (around 560 calories), then I would be looking for somewhere around 336 – 448 calories from fats and 112- 336 calories from carbohydrates, coming to a grand total of 1344 calories per day. For comparison, a low calorie diet for males is around 1500 calories, but lower than 1200 is not recommended without medical supervision. This may sound like a lot or a little, depending on your point of view, but that is coincidentally quite close to the number of calories I have consumed on average over the last 2 weeks.

Working out how much to eat is fine and dandy, but is useless if I don’t know what I can eat. Some high protein foods that I could feasibly take (either immediately accessible or could be prepared) are:

  • Whey protein to make protein shakes
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Tuna (I hate the stuff, but I can learn to like it I guess)
  • Low fat/skimmed milk
  • Beans (kidney beans have good fiber
  • Nuts (these have those healthy fats too)
  • Soba noodles
  • Quinoa

This post really is food for thought for me. Realistically I probably won’t be able to reach those protein targets and will probably overdo it on the carbs, but the drive home message here is that for a lean body, I need to maintain a high protein intake. I would hate to reach my weight goals and turn out ‘skinny fat’ from the whole process; I want to be lean-thin, even if that means muscle makes me a little heavier.

In other news, I’m really happy that my blog has reached 173 hits – woohoo!

Anyways, till next time…


#11: Running

Hello everyone,

Today I completed my first 5k run of the year, and it felt great! I had a finishing time that was better than I was expecting, since I last ran a 5k over 4 months ago, but obviously a few minutes off from my best. I was surprised I was able to run it without stopping, so yay go me!

I had got up early this morning, had myself some water and a little black coffee, did some stretches and warm ups, and then went out the door and ran. The bonus here is that I exercised in a fasted state, and burned around 350 calories according to some calculators.

In other news, I updated the ‘My weight-Loss Progress’ page to include two new photographs of myself, and updated the graph depicting my progress since the beginning. I weighed myself on the Thursday as I was unable to do so on the Wednesday, and managed to lose 1 lb – bringing my current weight to 154 lbs! Naturally I am pleased for the scales to have gone down, even though it was only a small change. Truthfully I would be happy if I am able to lose just 1 lb every week, but the more I lose the better!

Anyway, till next time…


#10: Post Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone,

Valentine’s day went well – I got to have an awesome evening with my SO and stuck to my plan food-wise. We were taking out food so I pre-emptively knew that I had to plan accordingly to (a) not ruin our evening, (b) not raise suspicion from my SO, and (c) not take in too many calories before dinner. I went the whole day without food (with the exception of a small bag of nuts, because protein haha) so that I could eat dinner. As anticipated, I received some chocolates as gifts; I can deal with those as per the details in post #9 about how I plan to slowly get rid of them over time.

Now that Valentine’s day is over, I can get back to my regular eating routine. The next worry will be how to deal with Easter, but that isn’t until April so plenty of time to think about how to solve that problem.

I have been working on a new page to add to this site regarding exercise – what kinds of exercises there are at a basic level, differing aspects for achieving different results, etc. Collecting information for that page is a good learning experience for myself, and hopefully others who read it too. The way that I have written it so far is with my own goals in mind (achieving a lean body) but I have tried to keep the information a bit more broad so that someone else could look at the page and then form an idea about how to go about reaching their own goals. Unfortunately the page is still under construction as I still have some other elements to research and include, so it won’t be ready for possibly another week or two.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve just finished working out for today. It’s only a light workout with the equipment I have at home; I managed to work up a seat and it sure beats doing nothing. I finish my workouts by doing pushups until failure. Whilst I can’t do many, it feels like hell so I have to push myself hard to do them. Perhaps the worst thing about them (or any calisthenic exercise for that matter) is that they are more difficult to do the heavier I weigh. So I should be able to do more pushups more easily as I lose more weight.

I’m going to postpone Wednesday weigh-in until the next time I can post. I am going to photograph and weigh myself tomorrow morning, and update the ‘My Weight Loss’ page on Saturday when I next anticipate myself being free to do so.

Anyways, till next time…


#9: Disappointment

Hello everyone,

I have to start this by saying that I am deeply ashamed of the fact that I really let myself go yesterday. Any sense of reason just went out the window and I just kept eating. It was very much one of those ‘once you start, it’s difficult to stop’ affairs. I am really irritated because everything was fine until I went out with friends where they grabbed some food. I had enough leeway to allow myself to have something to eat with them, but then I saw how many calories there was in just one thing and my mind just went ‘screw it, you can have it all’. We then proceeded to buy more crap from the shops, then went home, had dinner, and then just mindlessly munched the rubbish that we bought. I know I was full, but my mind had already occupied the thought of ‘you gotta finish what you start’ and I just felt so sick and sore as I sat there and stuffed myself fat.

I still feel sick from yesterday’s riot, but I’ve done a semi-okay job of getting myself back on track. The scariest thing was that yesterday was the first time in years that I actually thought I would feel better if I were to just purge everything out. I hate the idea of making myself do that, so I didn’t, but I think that if I was alone then I would have. Despite being a little bit proud that I didn’t empty myself out, I sit here and wonder if keeping it all in was any better.

And then to top everything off, I had very terrible sleep last might. I can usually somehow tolerate a blocked nose whilst sleeping, because they are not usually so bad. But last night my airways were just completely sealed and my mouth was so dry. I ended up drinking loads of water but the dryness never really went away, and my nose didn’t settle down for quite a while. I was lucky to have gotten around 5 hours sleep last night, which only exacerbated my poor mood today.

I’ve just finished doing some exercise this evening – something on a more positive note. I must admit however, I am still frustrated about staying the same weight at last week’s weigh-in. I just hope this week will have some positive results, despite eating so much yesterday. The lesson I need to remind myself is to stay patient – nobody ever achieved anything good by not working hard for it, and it sure as hell won’t happen overnight.

Till next time…