#3:Wednesday Weigh-in, + This Site is Find-able!

Hello everyone,

I am going to try and make Wednesday weigh-in a recurring theme. I believe that weighing myself once a week is adequate to get a good idea of how heavy I am. I opt for weekly weigh-ins over daily weigh-ins because daily weigh-ins are a bit more of an emotional roller coaster to bear. In the past I had seen that number go up and down on a daily basis – which was either encouraging, or wholly demotivating and would cause me to just throw myself further off the track.

daily-vs-weekly-change-in-weight-example A weekly weigh-in should smooth out the bumps, so the daily fluctuations are averaged over the course of 7 days: I’ve made up a graph here to illustrate my point. You’ll see the that the daily line fluctuates drastically between the upper and lower extremes, but the weekly weight loss (or average) is a steady straight line. From a daily perspective, I could be pleased about losing 3 pounds over 1 day, or demotivated about gaining 4 pounds in the same period. So to reiterate, a weekly weigh-in saves me from the emotional roller coaster of daily weight-ins.

Back to the point of Wednesday Weigh-in: my weight as of this morning, after a glass of water, was 154 pounds! So far this means that I’ve lost 7 pounds since my last weigh-in which was actually last Wednesday morning, before this site existed.

I am pleased with this progress, but it could also indicate that I’m losing weight too quickly. I employ an intermittent fasting routine on at least 4 to 5 days a week, and I eat until I am comfortably satiated. I frequently walk about and do weightlifting once a week, so I don’t feel that I do excessive amounts of exercise: the weight loss is most likely to be attributed to eating fewer calories each day.

In other news: I’d like to celebrate the fact that this website is now ‘find-able’ through Google! I had to verify that the site belonged to me through Google’s ‘Webmaster Tools’, but was not expecting this site to be searchable for at least another few weeks. Since last night to the time of this post, I have accumulated a total of 6 views – hooray!

Lastly, I have several ideas for topics that I want to research. These topics will have a respective article which, for now, are planned to be added as a sub-menu under the ‘Additional Information’ menu. The topics or questions I want to address just now, for the benefit of my own knowledge and possibly others, include zero calorie or calorie deficit foods (fact or fiction), good exercises for non-weightlifters/bodybuilders, and the importance of sleep and the detrimental effects of insufficient sleep. These articles will take longer to publish due to the research required for me to form an opinion based on researched facts, and then present them (somewhat) neatly with references. I will try to tidy up the references for next time.

I don’t think I will be able to add more content until the weekend, due to personal commitments etc. so please bear with me if you don’t see any new content for a few days.

Til next time.



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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