#4 Rubbish Sleep

Hello everyone,

The last few days have given me some extra time to think: I need more hours of good quality sleep and I need to do more exercise (ideally during my fasted states re:intermittent fasting).

The lack of sleep has been driving me mad: Wednesday through to Friday I have spent hours trying to get to sleep, only to wake up shattered for work. Last night my nose was completely blocked so breathing was beyond frustrating. I had a good pattern set in place the week before last and now it’s gone to hell.

As a result of the rubbish sleep, I wake up later than I should which then leaves me rushing around getting ready for work and not leaving myself any time to do any form of exercise, not to mention the general tiredness I feel. I think that addressing the sleep issue would help me to do my planned morning exercises.

Food intake for today was more than what I would ideally like, but it was expected due to family visits. The issue here is more to do with earlier morning meals and later evening dinners, neither of which I can skip in the presence of family, so this interrupts my typical intermittent fasting schedule. Despite this fact, the weekend has been pleasant at least.

This is also my first blog entry using a mobile device. It’s not great and I know the formatting is going to be off, but it’s all I can do at the moment.

Just a minor update for you guys. Anyways, till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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