#6: Thinspo and Fitspo Galleries

Hello everyone,

I’ve finally added two new pages under ‘Image Galleries’: Thinspo and Fitspo. These galleries only contain between 10 ~ 20 images each just now, but I plan to update them and add more pictures as I obtain more. These galleries contain images of both males and females for the purpose of engaging with a wider audience by not exclusively posting male only or female only content.

I am pleased with the development of this blog so far, I feel that I have maintained a relatively steady pace with regards to adding content. The biggest delay to the addition of new content is purely down to my personal schedule, which gets busier towards the end of the week and during the weekends. My commitment is still to update the blog at least once a week, although I have been adding content so far on a much more frequent basis. There is still a lot of work to be done however, as I have a lot of plans in mind for the future of this website.

The intermittent fasting routine that I practice is still going good. I find that it gets easier to stick to the same routine after a week or two – my body has adjusted to not eating breakfast and it is now easier for me to hold off eating until lunchtime. I do well once I’m back at home too; I rarely eat anything more than my dinner and never eat anything past 7 in the evening. I think I could realistically do intermittent fasting on at least 4 days of the week for sure, possibly 5 depending on the circumstances. Taking my routine and assuming it takes 12 hours since the last meal to enter a fasted state, I calculate that I am in a fasted state for around 5.5 hours a day. This almost works out to a whole day’s fast every week (22 hours). Assuming I can maintain a 5.5 hour fast for 4 days a week for a year, that works out to just over 47.5 days of fasting (1144 hours) – not bad I think!

Anyways, till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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