#10: Post Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone,

Valentine’s day went well – I got to have an awesome evening with my SO and stuck to my plan food-wise. We were taking out food so I pre-emptively knew that I had to plan accordingly to (a) not ruin our evening, (b) not raise suspicion from my SO, and (c) not take in too many calories before dinner. I went the whole day without food (with the exception of a small bag of nuts, because protein haha) so that I could eat dinner. As anticipated, I received some chocolates as gifts; I can deal with those as per the details in post #9 about how I plan to slowly get rid of them over time.

Now that Valentine’s day is over, I can get back to my regular eating routine. The next worry will be how to deal with Easter, but that isn’t until April so plenty of time to think about how to solve that problem.

I have been working on a new page to add to this site regarding exercise – what kinds of exercises there are at a basic level, differing aspects for achieving different results, etc. Collecting information for that page is a good learning experience for myself, and hopefully others who read it too. The way that I have written it so far is with my own goals in mind (achieving a lean body) but I have tried to keep the information a bit more broad so that someone else could look at the page and then form an idea about how to go about reaching their own goals. Unfortunately the page is still under construction as I still have some other elements to research and include, so it won’t be ready for possibly another week or two.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve just finished working out for today. It’s only a light workout with the equipment I have at home; I managed to work up a seat and it sure beats doing nothing. I finish my workouts by doing pushups until failure. Whilst I can’t do many, it feels like hell so I have to push myself hard to do them. Perhaps the worst thing about them (or any calisthenic exercise for that matter) is that they are more difficult to do the heavier I weigh. So I should be able to do more pushups more easily as I lose more weight.

I’m going to postpone Wednesday weigh-in until the next time I can post. I am going to photograph and weigh myself tomorrow morning, and update the ‘My Weight Loss’ page on Saturday when I next anticipate myself being free to do so.

Anyways, till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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