#11: Running

Hello everyone,

Today I completed my first 5k run of the year, and it felt great! I had a finishing time that was better than I was expecting, since I last ran a 5k over 4 months ago, but obviously a few minutes off from my best. I was surprised I was able to run it without stopping, so yay go me!

I had got up early this morning, had myself some water and a little black coffee, did some stretches and warm ups, and then went out the door and ran. The bonus here is that I exercised in a fasted state, and burned around 350 calories according to some calculators.

In other news, I updated the ‘My weight-Loss Progress’ page to include two new photographs of myself, and updated the graph depicting my progress since the beginning. I weighed myself on the Thursday as I was unable to do so on the Wednesday, and managed to lose 1 lb – bringing my current weight to 154 lbs! Naturally I am pleased for the scales to have gone down, even though it was only a small change. Truthfully I would be happy if I am able to lose just 1 lb every week, but the more I lose the better!

Anyway, till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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