#14: Wednesday Weigh-In

Hello everyone,

As promised, today I present to you this week’s weigh-in. As of this morning, the scales read a value of 151 lbs! This is a loss of 3 lbs since last week’s weigh-in. I can give myself a good pat on the back to celebrate, as I have lost a grand total of 10 lbs since the start of this blog which was created just over 3 weeks ago.

This is all well and good, but the weight does come off quite quickly at the start of any weight-loss routine. The tricky part will be to maintain a steady weight-loss over a period of months, and to obviously persevere and stick to my goals over the long term.

Today is also the 2nd day of me ‘trying to manage’ a greater protein intake. The results from today’s food are:

  • 134 grams of carbs (41% of cals)
  • 42 grams of fat (29% of cals)
  • 94 grams of protein (30% of cals)
  • Intake of 1284 calories

So all in all I had more carbs, less fat and less protein than yesterday, and it looks like I didn’t do a good job of keeping my carbs low. I am realising now that it is pretty tough to limit my carbs without preparing my own meals. A lot of ‘lunchtime meal deals’ that you can buy seem to have around at least 55 to 65 grams of carbs. So this should encourage me to plan, cook or otherwise prepare my meals better so that I can get closer to my own macro-nutritional targets.

My weight-loss progress page will be updated accordingly. Otherwise, I probably won’t be able to post until Monday evening as I am sure I am fully booked this weekend.

Anyways, till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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