#15: 1st Week of Diet Plans

Hello everyone,

I feel that it’s been forever since my last post. It’s been 5 days but it feels so much longer than that, but it’s because I’ve not been free enough to add content since then. The problem is that I think I lose some motivation because I am not on my site every day, reading other blog posts, browsing forums, etc. This site is my accountability after all, and it serves the purpose of encouraging me to stay on track with my goals; the less frequently I can access it, the less accountable I am therefore I am less motivated.

I have been making smarter choices with food, but still my decisions are not optimal yet. The protein shakes are going good – they boost my 7 day average up to nearly 100 grams of protein. Despite this, I am still about -40 grams off from my own protein target and I am still in excess of carbs (+31 grams over a 7 day average). Surprisingly I am 9 grams under for fats, so that is not bad. The plans go well throughout the week, but things start to slide at the weekends where I am weaker and everybody has food.

I do need to hurry up and start buying in and preparing my own stuff, otherwise I will always miss my targets. I also need to buy in more protein powder…

Anyways, just a small update – nothing major. Till next time…



Author: themalebodyimageexperiment

24 year old male attempting to improve my body image.

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