#7: Wednesday Weigh-In

Hello everyone,

I’ve made a new page called ‘My Weight-loss Progress’ which is sub-menu of image galleries. I will post my own progress photos there and a graph displaying my weight each week for the purpose of setting goals and tracking my progress. The photos I post there are embarrassing to me, I have a disgusting belly right now, but I need to do this in order to stick to my goals.

More to the point of Wednesday weigh-in: I still weigh 155 lbs as of this morning. To be honest I was deeply disappointed that nothing else came off since last week, but at least I’ve not gained any more weight right? I suppose I haven’t done as much moving around as I usually would, but I absolutely killed my workout earlier this week. I was lifting much heavier weights than what I could before – I was really proud of myself. I doubt that all fat loss was converted into muscle mass, but I’m thinking I should do some waist/arms/chest etc. measurements as a secondary means of tracking progress. Since muscle is more dense than fat, it makes sense to me that someone could be the same weight but thinner if they are more muscular.

My eating habits are still as per my intermittent fasting routine. I do think I ate more last Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but from what I counted it wasn’t excessive (with the exception of Saturday). I am thinking of buying a FitBit to help me keep track of the amount of calories I burn in a day, and to hopefully motivate me to burn more if I can’t seem to lose much weight.

I don’t think I will be able to update this blog until Saturday, assuming that my social plans stay as they are. Failing that, I’ll post an update on Monday.

Till next time…



#6: Thinspo and Fitspo Galleries

Hello everyone,

I’ve finally added two new pages under ‘Image Galleries’: Thinspo and Fitspo. These galleries only contain between 10 ~ 20 images each just now, but I plan to update them and add more pictures as I obtain more. These galleries contain images of both males and females for the purpose of engaging with a wider audience by not exclusively posting male only or female only content.

I am pleased with the development of this blog so far, I feel that I have maintained a relatively steady pace with regards to adding content. The biggest delay to the addition of new content is purely down to my personal schedule, which gets busier towards the end of the week and during the weekends. My commitment is still to update the blog at least once a week, although I have been adding content so far on a much more frequent basis. There is still a lot of work to be done however, as I have a lot of plans in mind for the future of this website.

The intermittent fasting routine that I practice is still going good. I find that it gets easier to stick to the same routine after a week or two – my body has adjusted to not eating breakfast and it is now easier for me to hold off eating until lunchtime. I do well once I’m back at home too; I rarely eat anything more than my dinner and never eat anything past 7 in the evening. I think I could realistically do intermittent fasting on at least 4 days of the week for sure, possibly 5 depending on the circumstances. Taking my routine and assuming it takes 12 hours since the last meal to enter a fasted state, I calculate that I am in a fasted state for around 5.5 hours a day. This almost works out to a whole day’s fast every week (22 hours). Assuming I can maintain a 5.5 hour fast for 4 days a week for a year, that works out to just over 47.5 days of fasting (1144 hours) – not bad I think!

Anyways, till next time…


#5: New Article Published

Hello readers,

I’ve finished writing up a brief article on the topic of ‘Negative Calorie Foods’. The inspiration for writing this article came from reflecting upon the information that I found from other weight-loss websites over the last 4 years. If you wish to read it, you may find it under ‘Additional Information‘ or by clicking here. The TL:DR is that such foods do not exist, but foods generally labelled as such are healthy and would otherwise help facilitate a weight-loss diet.

I do have another few articles planned but those will take some time as mentioned before. However what I will need to do before that is add some motivational images to the galleries. I’m thinking these will generally take the form of male/female thinspo/fitspo to encourage myself to exercise and lose weight, whilst also being engaging to a wider audience of like-minded individuals.

A little tip for beginner bloggers/website designers like myself: check some stock photography sites for free, high quality images for your blog or website. Check that the photos you use are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license – these are free to use without requiring attribution. Say goodbye to ancient, potato quality .JPEG files that have been saved and redistributed a million times over 10 years, haha!

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Till next time…


#4 Rubbish Sleep

Hello everyone,

The last few days have given me some extra time to think: I need more hours of good quality sleep and I need to do more exercise (ideally during my fasted states re:intermittent fasting).

The lack of sleep has been driving me mad: Wednesday through to Friday I have spent hours trying to get to sleep, only to wake up shattered for work. Last night my nose was completely blocked so breathing was beyond frustrating. I had a good pattern set in place the week before last and now it’s gone to hell.

As a result of the rubbish sleep, I wake up later than I should which then leaves me rushing around getting ready for work and not leaving myself any time to do any form of exercise, not to mention the general tiredness I feel. I think that addressing the sleep issue would help me to do my planned morning exercises.

Food intake for today was more than what I would ideally like, but it was expected due to family visits. The issue here is more to do with earlier morning meals and later evening dinners, neither of which I can skip in the presence of family, so this interrupts my typical intermittent fasting schedule. Despite this fact, the weekend has been pleasant at least.

This is also my first blog entry using a mobile device. It’s not great and I know the formatting is going to be off, but it’s all I can do at the moment.

Just a minor update for you guys. Anyways, till next time…


#3:Wednesday Weigh-in, + This Site is Find-able!

Hello everyone,

I am going to try and make Wednesday weigh-in a recurring theme. I believe that weighing myself once a week is adequate to get a good idea of how heavy I am. I opt for weekly weigh-ins over daily weigh-ins because daily weigh-ins are a bit more of an emotional roller coaster to bear. In the past I had seen that number go up and down on a daily basis – which was either encouraging, or wholly demotivating and would cause me to just throw myself further off the track.

daily-vs-weekly-change-in-weight-example A weekly weigh-in should smooth out the bumps, so the daily fluctuations are averaged over the course of 7 days: I’ve made up a graph here to illustrate my point. You’ll see the that the daily line fluctuates drastically between the upper and lower extremes, but the weekly weight loss (or average) is a steady straight line. From a daily perspective, I could be pleased about losing 3 pounds over 1 day, or demotivated about gaining 4 pounds in the same period. So to reiterate, a weekly weigh-in saves me from the emotional roller coaster of daily weight-ins.

Back to the point of Wednesday Weigh-in: my weight as of this morning, after a glass of water, was 154 pounds! So far this means that I’ve lost 7 pounds since my last weigh-in which was actually last Wednesday morning, before this site existed.

I am pleased with this progress, but it could also indicate that I’m losing weight too quickly. I employ an intermittent fasting routine on at least 4 to 5 days a week, and I eat until I am comfortably satiated. I frequently walk about and do weightlifting once a week, so I don’t feel that I do excessive amounts of exercise: the weight loss is most likely to be attributed to eating fewer calories each day.

In other news: I’d like to celebrate the fact that this website is now ‘find-able’ through Google! I had to verify that the site belonged to me through Google’s ‘Webmaster Tools’, but was not expecting this site to be searchable for at least another few weeks. Since last night to the time of this post, I have accumulated a total of 6 views – hooray!

Lastly, I have several ideas for topics that I want to research. These topics will have a respective article which, for now, are planned to be added as a sub-menu under the ‘Additional Information’ menu. The topics or questions I want to address just now, for the benefit of my own knowledge and possibly others, include zero calorie or calorie deficit foods (fact or fiction), good exercises for non-weightlifters/bodybuilders, and the importance of sleep and the detrimental effects of insufficient sleep. These articles will take longer to publish due to the research required for me to form an opinion based on researched facts, and then present them (somewhat) neatly with references. I will try to tidy up the references for next time.

I don’t think I will be able to add more content until the weekend, due to personal commitments etc. so please bear with me if you don’t see any new content for a few days.

Til next time.


#2: Site Development and Plans

Hello everyone,

This blog is going to be my confidant and I wish for it to be suitably organised in its presentation. I’ve invested more time into the layout and construction of this blog: figured out how to add sub-menus, new pages, rearrange and tidy up some widgets etc. I’ve also incorporated the routine back-up of this site’s main content as a contingency plan, in case I should ever lose this blog for whatever reason. For everyone out there, please consider backing up your site at regular intervals – too often have I seen people upset about losing their content permanently…

Today I spent a some time researching and preparing an page discussing ‘Intermittent Fasting‘, which I’ve included as a sub-menu underneath ‘Additional Information‘ – please take a read and add a comment to share your views. I imagine that I will do more articles on these kinds of things in future, and those will likely appear as sub-menus under ‘Additional Information’ too although I may change that menu name to ‘Articles’ or something else – whatever feels most appropriate to the content contained within.

There is still a lot of work to do on this blog before its construction will resemble something that looks ‘complete’. I will likely add a gallery of my own images to document my progress towards my ideal body image, as well as galleries containing images of individuals whom I consider to have physiques similar to what I wish to achieve.

Basically my goal for this site is to contain all the information that I need in order to achieve my ideal body image. It will also serve as a diary of sorts through the medium of blog entries, and as such could discuss a wide manner of topics ranging from the deeply personal, the day-to-day happenings, weight loss, politics, food, etc. I will of course aim to post blogs on topics related to the theme of this site, but I cannot guarantee that every post will be wholly relevant – the content posted here will likely reflect my state of mind at the time but hey, that’s life!

Til next time…


#1: Starting Anew

Hello there Reader,

This blog, ‘The Male Body Image Experiment’, will document and reflect on the methods I employ in order to ‘hopefully’ achieve a stronger body image. It is fitting to call this an experiment as I, the subject, will establish for myself the methods which work for me – this will largely be found through trial and error. I will attempt to implement methods which I believe will fit with my lifestyle and beliefs, analyse the results, and establish conclusions for their relative successes and shortcomings. What gets posted here will be based on my own experiences and won’t necessarily correlate with anyone else.

What gets measured gets fixed!

I guess it is customary to begin these kinds of blogs with some starting stats and information. I am:

  • a male in my twenties
  • 5’8 tall, roughly
  • approximately 161 lbs – the heaviest I have been in my adult life.
  • scared of living the rest of my twenties in a body that I am ashamed of.

I plan to add content to this blog on at least a weekly basis, forming part of my commitment to this experiment. With a bit of time, I imagine I will expand the site to include more information on a variety of topics.

4 years ago I began to restrict my food intake and was actively self harming, reflective of my state of mind at a time where my world was falling apart. I kept a diary and believe that my weight loss ‘success’ (if you can call it that), stemmed from meticulous planning, realistic and timely goal setting, being accountable to a community, and several measures of determining progress. I had an Instagram account at that time which served both as  a community and a timeline of my progress through photographs – but once I deleted my Instagram, I lost 2 key factors and could no longer stick to a plan. I have different goals now, but the method of how I shall achieve them will still depend on how well I can apply the 4 aforementioned factors.

I have some time on Wednesday to add more content to this site, but for now I bid you adieu. Til next time…