My Weight-loss Progress

Please see the above featured image for a timeline of my weight. This will be updated at least once a week to map my weight loss progress. The timescale begins at week 4 as it was the 4th week of the year (end of January 2017) that I started to map any progress, about 1 week before this blog was created.

Below is a gallery containing photos of myself, which have been edited as far as my ability goes in an attempt to keep myself unidentifiable. These photos form part of my commitment to this blog and will one day, hopefully, allow me to see how far I’ve come since the beginning. I am terribly embarrassed by these photos, but it is necessary for me to upload these so that I can track my progress and keep pushing towards my goals.

I plan to upload 2 photos each Wednesday weigh-in. Each photo week will consist of a front view and side view, complete with a date stamp and my weight at said date.


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